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The Promise and Pitfalls of Online Learning

Arnold Ventures Co-Founder Laura Arnold sits down with Salman Khan from Khan Academy to discuss the current state of online learning.

Laura Arnold, Co-Founder and Co-Chair of Arnold Ventures, sat down recently with Founder and CEO of Khan Academy Salman Khan for a virtual discussion on educational equity. The conversation is part of the Asia Society’s series COVID-19: New Realities, and tackles questions like: With many K – 12 students going back to school online, what will classroom learning look like after the pandemic? Will remote learning continue? Does this current moment present an opportunity to explore what educators call blended learning” — a hybrid instruction model that combines some face-to-face interaction with online content?

The conversation deep dives into the state of online education today, its promise and potential, and the way it has exacerbated inequalities for many lower-income students.