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Arnold Ventures is a philanthropy tackling the most pressing problems in America, repairing broken systems, creating lasting change, finding solutions that scale, and maximizing opportunity and minimizing injustice


Who We Are

Founded in 2010 by Laura and John Arnold, Arnold Ventures is a philanthropy dedicated to improving the lives of all Americans through evidence-based policy solutions that maximize opportunity and minimize injustice.

What We Do

We focus on broken systems where outcomes are falling short, incentives are misaligned, and the time is right for change. We fund research to better understand the root causes of problems and build the evidence about what works and what doesn't to inform policy solutions. We advocate for policy reforms at all levels of government and build durable, bipartisan coalitions to drive lasting change and impact.

How We Are Different

We believe philanthropy is uniquely positioned to take risks and make big bets in ways the public and private sectors are often unable or unwilling to do. We approach philanthropy as an engine for innovation that can help catalyze new solutions and advocate for public policies that maximize opportunity and minimize injustice for all.

About Us

Founded by Laura and John Arnold in 2010, Arnold Ventures is a team of more than 100 subject-matter experts. We are headquartered in Houston with offices in New York and Washington, D.C.

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Meet the Founders

Laura and John Arnold


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Learn More About Us

Video 'We CAN Lower Health Care Prices'

The U.S. has more expensive health care than in any other country in the world, and health care prices are rising. Evidence suggests large hospital monopolies are a big part of the pricing problem. In the final video in a series on health care affordability, Arnold Ventures explores solutions for addressing the excessive prices paid to health care providers that ultimately drive higher health care costs for consumers, employers, and taxpayers.

On Bloomberg’s Odd Lots, Arnold Ventures’ co-founder and co-chair discussed the need to speed up infrastructure development.

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