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Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice

We strive to advance community safety and the values of fairness, effectiveness, and racial justice.

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America’s criminal justice system strips too many people of their jobs, families, health, and dignity. It puts people of color at risk, disproportionately harms low-income people, limits the potential of juveniles caught in the system, and doesn’t give everyone the opportunities they need to get back on track. And it does all this at an enormous cost to taxpayers.

Our work in criminal justice is about changing the system to improve people’s lives. Are people being treated fairly without regard to race or income? Is there an underlying issue like substance use disorder or mental illness that the system is unable to address? To get a clear picture, we look at interactions with the justice system from start to finish — policing and pretrial, probation and parole, prison reform, and reintegration — and engage with experts and those directly affected to explore new policies and practices.

Number of unconvicted people in jail
1 in 14
Number of U.S. children who have had an incarcerated parent
Number of incarcerated adults in the U.S.
Amount the U.S. spends annually on prisons, jails, probation, and parole

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