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Evidence and Evaluation


We aim to build the body of rigorous research about what works and advance the use of evidence in policymaking. 

Too often, policy decisions and program investments are made without knowing if they will truly drive better outcomes for kids, families, and communities in America. While we have made remarkable progress in developing evidence in social policy, we need to better understand what policies and programs work best across diverse communities, and more effectively translate our findings into practical, impactful policymaking. 

Our team is driven by two goals: to use what we already know from research to make better policy decisions and to build more knowledge to inform future decisions. We are dedicated to using rigorous, causal research, including quasi-experimental methods and randomized controlled trials, to identify and evaluate promising programs and policies. We also know that creating evidence is not enough. Our team is deeply committed to working to bridge the gap between research and action, accelerate the uptake and scaling of proven programs, and integrate evidence into policymaking at all levels of government.

Requests for Proposals

Findings from Research Grants

Findings from Research Grants

We fund Randomized Controlled Trials across the spectrum of social policy. Read a one-page summary of each completed study, including the program evaluated, the key study findings, and a link to the full study report.

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Summaries of Research Grants

Summaries of Research Grants

Find summaries of grants that have been funded by our Evidence-Based Policy team. Each summary includes a description of the program to be evaluated; the grant recipient, term, and funding; and a link to the study’s pre-specified analysis plan.

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Straight Talk on Evidence

No spin, just evidence

We seek to distinguish credible findings of program effectiveness from the many others that claim to be but aren’t, through an easy-to-read, no-spin digest of recent program evaluation findings.

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Social Programs That Work

What Works in Social Policy?

We seek to identify those social programs shown in rigorous studies to produce sizable, sustained benefits to participants and/​or society, so that they can be deployed to help solve social problems.

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