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We aim to improve health care delivery, lower costs, and reduce disparities in access.

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Health care in the United States is more expensive than in any other country in the world, yet the nation’s overall health doesn’t reflect that level of investment. Our system results in uncoordinated and often unaffordable care for patients; inequities exist among communities; and special interests and market manipulations have inflated costs.

Health care: Our work aims to lower health care spending while ensuring access to high-quality care. We seek to lower prices consumers face, reduce low-value and potentially harmful care, and improve care for complex patients. 

Public health: We work to remove barriers that impede people’s right to care by supporting the training of providers, research on public programs, and state-based efforts to broaden treatment and preventative services. We are currently focused on addressing the opioid epidemic, expanding reproductive care, and improving nutrition. 

Rate of U.S. spending on health care compared with 10 high-income countries
U.S.’s ranking in a list of the “healthiest” countries in the world, out of 163
Number of Americans with opioid use disorder
Proportion of uninsured women who reported delayed access or inability to access contraception in 2016
Hahnemann University Hospital Private equity 2
Health Care

In Pursuit of Profit

Private equity expanded into health care, and early evidence shows the model seems to value profits over patients, exploiting loopholes to make money. 

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