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Women's History Month

Nuclear Innovation Alliance’s Judi Greenwald Is Working to Protect the Climate for Future Generations

This March, we’re recognizing the women who are making history today by working to impact policy change in various areas where Arnold Ventures works.

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March is Women’s History Month, and we’re celebrating by recognizing the women who are making history today by working to impact policy change in various areas where Arnold Ventures works.

Today, we’re highlighting Judi Greenwald, executive director of the Nuclear Innovation Alliance, a think-and-do tank that advocates for advanced nuclear power as a global solution to address climate change. 

Who She Is

Judi Greenwald has over 35 years of experience in energy and environmental policy, working for the Environmental Protection Agency, the White House, The Pew Center, the Department of Energy, and elsewhere; she now concentrates on the role of advanced nuclear energy in decarbonization as head of the Nuclear Innovation Alliance. Throughout her career, she has focused on how the world can decarbonize via public policy, technology innovation, human behavior, and markets.

I have been passionate about energy and environmental issues ever since I can remember,” said Greenwald. I feel fortunate that I get to use my engineering and public policy skills to work on something that is a moral imperative and also really interesting. I have worked on many aspects of climate solutions over the years, depending on where I could add the most value. I’m focusing now on advanced nuclear energy because it’s a very exciting climate solution that could be a real game changer; it just needs more policy attention and investment.” 

What She’s Currently Working On 

Greenwald has set her sights on three main priorities at the Nuclear Innovation Alliance. The first is modernizing nuclear reactor licensing at the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. The current licensing rules were established for conventional reactors, and they need to be updated to account for the safety benefits of advanced reactor designs. In addition, she is working to ensure adequate public investment in advanced reactor technology demonstrations and advanced nuclear fuels. Her third priority is educating federal and state-level policy makers, private investors, and other thought leaders about the promise of advanced reactors. 

She is also involved in preparing for her organization’s Nuclear Innovation Bootcamp, a summer educational experience for students and young professionals interested in nuclear entrepreneurship.

What Inspires Her

Innovation inspires me. I know sometimes people feel despair about climate change, but I am inspired every day by engineers, policy makers, entrepreneurs, investors, workers, and advocates coming up with innovative solutions that I believe will protect the climate for my children and their children.”

Innovation inspires me.
Judi Greenwald executive director of the Nuclear Innovation Alliance