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This three-part series explores private equity’s expanding role in health care — and its consequences.

Part 1: In Pursuit of Profit, Private Equity Expanded into Health Care. The Results Raise Concerns about Cost and Quality.

Higher costs for patients. Growing prevalence of predatory billing practices. Widespread cuts to staffing and resources. Early evidence shows that the private equity model seems to value profits over patients, exploiting loopholes to make money. Read more…

Part 2: Hotspots for COVID Deaths, Nursing Homes Have Long Been Targeted — and Gutted — by Private Equity

Pre-pandemic, private equity-owned long-term care facilities were short-staffed and provided a lower quality of care. The disproportionate toll of the coronavirus on U.S. long-term care facilities exposes the need for better policies to care for individuals with complex care needs. Read more…

Part 3: As Purveyors of Surprise Medical Billing, Private Equity Has Fought Lawmakers’ Attempts to Protect Patients

Private equity has aggressively worked to limit patient protections against surprise medical billing, one of its most egregious money-making tactics. As legislation languishes amid a pandemic, expensive surprise medical bills keep rolling in. Read more…


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