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This series explores the reform landscape of 2022 in all the areas where we work. 

5 Things to Watch in Criminal Justice in 2022

There are plenty of opportunities in 2022 for federal, state, and local leaders to make a more fair and accountable criminal justice system. Read the story.

5 Things to Watch in Health Care in 2022

There are real opportunities for reforms on behalf of patients in commercial sector and drug pricing, and renewed efforts possible for payment reform, Medicare, and better caring for the dual-eligibles population. Read the story.

5 Things to Watch in Higher Education, Contraceptives, Evidence-Based Policy, Organ Donation, and Democracy in 2022

These program teams also have their eyes on big goals, launches, results, and initiatives to maximize opportunity for students, patients, voters, and more. Read the story.

Who to Watch in 2022

AV’s constellation of more than 500 grantees catalyze evidence to drive policy change. Here are just a few of the movers and shakers making a difference in the field. Read the story.