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We’ve taken a look back at the past year to round up some of the biggest wins in the areas where we work, the most notable moments on Twitter, and the stories of change we covered in 2021 — all of which should help you end the year on a more hopeful note.

5 Big Wins in Criminal Justice

From policing to fines and fees, states made headway on some of the biggest issues plaguing our country’s criminal justice system. Read the story >

5 Big Wins in Health Care

The year saw progress on surprise medical billing, drug prices, Medicare reforms, and improving care for patients with complex needs. Read the story >

5 Big Wins Elsewhere

AV is well known for its work in criminal justice and health care, but they are not the only areas where we work to minimize injustice and maximize opportunity. Major wins can be counted in higher education, democracy, climate, contraceptives, and evidence-based policy. Read the story >

21 Stories of Change We Covered in 2021

The year saw many bright spots for reform, with advocates working tirelessly to secure wider access to contraception, help defrauded students, improve our public defense system, invest in gun violence research, and curb opioid deaths. Read the story >

21 Notable Twitter Moments of 2021

AV weighed in on some of the most newsworthy moments of the year. Here’s a look back at some of our reactions, reflections and hot takes on 2021. Read the story >