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Contraceptive Choice and Access

Pill pack is held with two hands.

All people should be able to access, afford, and have the freedom to choose the birth control method best for them.

Birth control is a vital tool for health, economic opportunity, freedom, and justice, which is why broad, bipartisan majorities of Americans support access to contraception. Despite this, millions of people still struggle to access the contraception they need to decide whether, when, and how to have a family. 

Our work is focused on achieving this vision on two dimensions: promoting affordability and practical access. We support policies to ensure people who otherwise struggle to afford birth control can access the care they need. And we support efforts to meet people where they are by making birth control more practically accessible across primary care, specialty care, and other delivery channels like pharmacies. In light of health disparities and discrimination people face, we seek to prioritize autonomy and equity in our work.

Number of women who don’t have access to all birth control methods
Proportion of black women who experience discrimination when obtaining family planning services
Proportion of adults who say everyone deserves access to all birth control methods
Proportion of sexually active women who have used at least one contraception method


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