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Same Service, Same Price

Man and women sitting at table paying their bills online.

It’s simple. You should be charged the same price for the same medical service, no matter where you get it. But this isn’t the case. 

Patients, employers, and taxpayers are charged billions more simply because of where they receive care. The reason? Big hospital systems are buying up small physician practices. And when the logo on the door changes, you pay more for the same routine services. Even when you’re seeing the same doctors. 

When large hospitals consolidate their market power, there is little to no competition. These hospital systems can increase the prices you pay at your regular doctor’s office simply because they now own it. Charging hospital prices for routine services like a regular check-up or an MRI is another way big hospitals are gaming the system while patients and taxpayers pay the price. Congress should act to pass common sense, bipartisan solutions that would protect patients from being charged more for services based on where they receive them, and save employers and taxpayers billions in overpayments every year. 

Image: High and rising health care prices are putting an unprecedented burden on consumers, employers, and state and federal taxpayers. Many are now having to meticulously manage their finances and determine if they can afford their health. (fizkes/ Getty Images)

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