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Graduates line up

Institutions should be held accountable for student outcomes through meaningful policy controls.

While many institutions of higher education provide a rigorous and relevant education at a good value, too many are leaving low- and moderate-income students behind. A complex array of ineffective oversight policies and independent accreditation enable practices that overpromise career outcomes while burdening students with pervasive debt.

More effective regulation should be put in place to ensure institutions deliver value, equip students with the tools to succeed, and don’t make false promises about outcomes. We support the development of model policies and well-structured incentives that reward institutions for delivering positive outcomes and good value to students. Strategic litigation is another approach to address issues with predatory institutions, fraud, and quality assurance.

Image: A student in line for his diploma wears a cap decorated with the cost of his education during graduation ceremonies in May 2015 at the University of Idaho. (Orlin Wagner/The Associated Press)

Unemployment rate for borrowers who left a for-profit institution in 2011
Proportion of borrowers expected to default on student loans by 2023
Amount in student loans the average borrower has
Proportion of recent college graduates who don’t have jobs that require college educations

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