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Research Into Student Success Programs

A Penn State student walks on campus.

Higher education can improve students’ success by addressing challenges inside and outside the classroom.

The student body in the United States is changing: More than half of undergraduates live at home; a quarter are older than 25; many hold full-time jobs; and 1 in 4 are single parents. For all students to succeed, colleges must find ways to meet their evolving needs.

Institutions need sound research to identify ways to help underserved students. We seek to partner with them to help uncover the most effective programs and practices that will pave the way for success among all students, especially those underserved by the current system. By addressing basic financial, social, and academic needs, colleges and universities will be helping students become better equipped to graduate with two- and four-year degrees, which can improve their earning potential and quality of life.

Proportion of students at a two-year college who live in a food-insecure household
Proportion of the country’s undergraduates who attend community college
Proportion of community college students who have been homeless at some point
Proportion of undergraduate students who are raising dependent children

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