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Affordable Housing Want Affordable Housing? Let Supply Meet Demand. Op-Ed Prisons Learning from the First Step Act Op-Ed Program Integrity Defining Program Integrity Op-Ed Higher Education Quality and Accountability The Art Institute’s Sudden Collapse Should Shock Regulators Into Action Op-Ed Bail Reform Republicans Should Unite in Support of Bail Reform Op-Ed Data in Higher Education Congress Should Support ASAP and Other Student Success Programs Op-Ed Fines and Fees New Jersey Should Stop Charging Fees for Indigent Defense Op-Ed Policing Congress Is Engaging in a Harmful Piece of Political Theater by Disapproving D.C.’s Common Sense Police Reform Bill Op-Ed Reintegration Second Chance Month Is an Opportunity to Start Acknowledging and Addressing Mass Incarceration in America Op-Ed Pretrial Justice States Must Confront the Constitutional Crisis of Public Defenders Op-Ed

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