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Retirement Policy

Retirement savings

People who work hard during their careers deserve to retire with dignity and financial security. 

Retirement planning is an urgent but often-ignored policy issue affecting both public- and private-sector workers in the United States. Nearly 90 percent of public employees are enrolled in pension plans, which collectively face a $1.7 trillion deficit. In the private sector, roughly half of all employees do not have access to a retirement plan, driving an even larger $14.5 trillion retirement savings deficit. 

We fund research on public and private retirement plans to gain insight into how to improve those systems, and we partner with governments to create stronger safety nets while balancing budgeting challenges. We support efforts to improve the retirement security of workers, including the expansion of public programs that automatically enroll employees into IRAs and commitments by policymakers to increase funding for pension plans.

1 in 3
Proportion of U.S. workers who do not have any retirement savings
Number of automatic enrollment IRA plans in the U.S.
Year the Social Security trust fund is projected to run out of money
Number of people enrolled in public pension plans