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High school classroom

All students should have access to a solid public education so they can further their learning and get good jobs.

Too many students lack access to good public schools, which creates disparities between advantaged and disadvantaged populations that can persist throughout adulthood. While there are many successful public schools across the country, few cities have been able to guarantee an equal educational opportunity for all children.

Breakthroughs in education have already benefited countless children across the nation. The first thing we can do, then, is identify these successful programs and tailor them to struggling communities, so they can reap the same benefits. Previous education reforms have increased the number of public schools governed by nonprofits and created an easy-to-use enrollment system that helps families find great public schools. We believe these strategies hold promise.

Image: Clarksdale High School student Shamia Hopper works on a chemical equation in a Clarksdale, Mississippi, classroom in February 2013. (Rogelio V. Solis/The Associated Press)

Public high school graduation rate for U.S. students
Median earnings of young adults who did not complete high school
Proportion of traditional public schools that are high-poverty schools
Hispanic student dropout rate, compared to overall rate of 6.1 percent