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New Poll: Overwhelming Majority of Americans Support New Ban on Surprise Medical Billing

Poll shows at least 90% of voters — both Democrat and Republican — back the law prohibiting the predatory practice.

View of hospital corridor with machines and hospital worker in scrubs.
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A new poll by YouGov, commissioned by Arnold Ventures, found that 92% of voters are in favor of the No Surprises Act, a new law that bans the predatory practice of surprise medical billing. 

The bipartisan law, which was signed during the Trump Administration, is now being implemented under the Biden Administration. Before the act became law on Jan. 1, 2022, one in five emergency-room visits and one in six visits to in-network hospitals — for privately insured patients — resulted in a surprise medical bill. These bills could exceed $100,000.

The survey, which was part of YouGov’s omnibus poll of 2,000 likely voters fielded February 24 – 28, revealed the No Surprises Act is overwhelmingly popular with Americans across the country. And unlike so many policy issues, Republicans and Democrats are unified in their support for the law. Of likely voters polled, at least 90% of both Republicans and Democrats surveyed were supportive.

The poll found an overwhelming majority of both Republicans and Democrats would be more inclined to vote for members of Congress who support this law.