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Congress Should Improve Transparency in Health Care Prices

AV joins doctors, businesses, and patients in a new letter calling for federal action.

Arnold Ventures joined eight other organizations today in sending a letter to congressional leaders in support of greater transparency in health care pricing.

Consumers have a right to know what they pay for health care services,” the letter says. Yet they are often left in the dark about the actual costs of procedures, services, and medications and face wildly different prices for the same services depending on the provider they see.”

This letter comes at a time when both Democrats and Republicans are working to pass legislation that will promote greater transparency across the health care system, and it follows executive actions by both the Biden and Trump administrations to improve price transparency.

Despite these efforts, reports show that almost half of hospitals have failed to fully comply with the law, and the information shared is often inconsistent, poor quality, and missing key data points. Meanwhile, a recent poll shows 87% of voters support requiring hospitals to publicly disclose their prices.

Read the entire letter here.