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Juliana Keeping

Communications Manager

Headshot of Juliana Keeping
Todd Spoth

Before landing at Arnold Ventures, Juliana was honored to serve as the director of communications at the AV grantee Patients for Affordable Drugs. There, she helped elevate the voices of Americans suffering under crushing prescription drug prices in the push for reforms to the country’s broken drug pricing system.

Juliana is a former investigative journalist and a mom to two kind-hearted kiddos. Her elementary-aged son has a genetic lung illness, cystic fibrosis, and was hospitalized after her family could not afford one of his medications. Juliana testified before Congress in 2020 to share her family’s story and drive home to federal lawmakers the broken system’s devastating impact on families and children, underscoring the urgent need for drug pricing reform.

She is thrilled to continue highlighting AV’s evidence-based policy work and believes a future in which every citizen can access high-quality health care at an affordable price is possible.

Headshot of Juliana Keeping
Todd Spoth
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