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Photo by Charles Krupa/​The Associated Press

Houston — Laura and John Arnold Foundation (LJAF) today joined the Reporting Commitment, an initiative aimed at developing more timely, accurate, and transparent reporting on the flow of philanthropic dollars. Along with other participating foundations, LJAF has agreed to consistently and frequently share grant information to help accelerate and better leverage philanthropy’s efforts to address some of society’s most urgent and persistent problems.

LJAF recognizes the value of open and accessible information. The Reporting Commitment will help us identify partners and opportunities for collaboration, as well as potential new areas of interest that could be served by LJAF’s rigorous and entrepreneurial approach to solving problems,” LJAF President Denis Calabrese said.

By establishing clear standards and a common center for grant reporting, the Reporting Commitment has made it easier to track grant dollars, overlapping interests, and funding gaps. Grant information from participating foundations is updated regularly on Glasspock​ets​.org, a transparency-focused website maintained by the Foundation Center, a leading source of information about philanthropy. Visitors to the site are able to view grant details including the recipient’s name and the amount, duration, and purpose of the grant. The data is open and free to the public.

We are excited to welcome LJAF to the Reporting Commitment and to support LJAF’s efforts to make its grant information more open and accessible,” said Foundation Center President Bradford Smith. This data will contribute to valuable knowledge tools that drive strategic decision making in our sector, and with each new foundation that joins the Reporting Commitment, the potential for those tools to create a lasting impact increases exponentially.”

The Reporting Commitment was publicly launched in October 2012. To date, there are sixteen other participating foundations.