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Sky-high drug prices. Mass incarceration. Predatory lending. These are the surface-level symptoms of broken systems. To find answers, we must peel back the layers and look deeper. Arnold Ventures C0-Chair Laura Arnold shares the mike with leading data-driven experts in Deep Dive with Laura Arnold,” a new podcast by the Arnold Ventures philanthropy that explores market failures in health care, criminal justice, education, and public finance – and how to fix them.

In the debut episode, Arnold sits down with David Mitchell, founder of Patients for Affordable Drugs, who began his fight for drug pricing reform after a devastating diagnosis of an incurable blood cancer. The cost to keep him alive every year: $325,000. They discuss a broken system that is built to serve those who profit — rather than the patients who depend on it for their health — and bust myths perpetuated by the pharmaceutical industry to justify high prices.

Our mission is to improve people’s lives by fixing broken systems,” Arnold says. We view drug pricing as a broken system, and not just from a theoretical perspective, but from a human perspective. We see this as a crisis in our nation. People can’t afford their drugs, and the consequences for all of us, both personally and from a societal perspective, are dire.”

In each Deep Dive” episode, Arnold will talk to people at the center of the fight for policy change, disentangle complex issues, and remind us that entrenched interests make reform difficult, but not impossible.

New episodes will be published bi-monthly and feature a range of topics, including probation and parole reform, and accountability in higher education.

How to listen

Listen to the podcast here, on iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, Stitcher or your favorite podcast app. 

About the host

Laura Arnold is the Co-Founder and Co-Chair of Arnold Ventures, founded in 2010, and an attorney and former oil company executive. Read more about her here.