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Our mission at Arnold Ventures is to maximize opportunity and minimize injustice. Violent crime has ravaged too many of our communities, disproportionately so in communities of color. No one can learn, work or thrive if they live in fear of violence. We are committed to working with grantees and partners nationwide to explore and identify strategies and solutions to mitigate this ongoing crisis. 

Our work in Baltimore with Persistent Surveillance Systems was one such project. It attempted to use aerial investigative research to improve the Baltimore Police Department’s ability to solve serious and violent crimes and to make its community safer. We engaged with community partners, law enforcement and researchers to gauge the feasibility and effectiveness of the proposed program. After 11 months of implementation, evaluation and preliminary research, we have decided against further investments in the program at this time. Therefore, Arnold Ventures will not fund the aerial investigative effort proposed in St. Louis.

Our pursuit of innovative approaches that reduce crime and its root causes is ongoing. We will continue to explore a wide range of strategies to help law enforcement better achieve its goals of safeguarding public safety while fostering community trust.