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Dear Friend,

Change is a word we use every day. Changing policies. Changing lives. Since launching the Laura and John Arnold Foundation more than eight years ago, that has been our business. Today I am writing to share the news about a different kind of change.

We are delighted to announce the formation of Arnold Ventures — our new brand, with a new look, a new logo, and a new website. In addition to the external change, internally we are restructuring as an LLC. Our mission has always been to maximize opportunity and minimize injustice. But we realized that in order to create change that lasts, we would need to remove barriers between data and decisive action, working swiftly across the policy-change spectrum. 

As a Foundation, the research we have supported and the people we have empowered have had a tremendous impact. We’ve helped make significant strides in numerous areas of critical importance to our society, including: 

We will continue to work in the same issue areas, operating with the highest standards of transparency and openness. On our new website, visitors will be able to review the research we fund and learn how it directly informs our advocacy. And while our team will function as Arnold Ventures, funding will continue to come from the entities it comprises: the Laura and John Arnold Foundation, Action Now Initiative, and the Arnolds’ donor-advised fund. 

We could not be more excited about this new approach — or about the future the newly formed Arnold Ventures will be empowered to help create. 


Kelli Rhee
President and CEO