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Gun Policy Research

We need to treat gun violence like a public health crisis and invest in rigorous research to save lives. 

America is facing an epidemic of gun violence, with an average of 106 people killed every day. Because the federal government underinvested in gun violence research for more than two decades, lawmakers lack basic information critical to crafting fair and effective gun policies. We need this research to make our country and schools safer.

Because we believe this is a crisis in need of urgent attention and resources, we have launched the National Collaborative on Gun Violence Research in partnership with RAND Corp., a nonpartisan and widely-respected research institution. Research findings will be provided to policymakers and other leaders to help inform effective policies that increase public safety while protecting the country’s Second Amendment rights.

Image: Guns line the walls of the firearms reference collection at the Washington Metropolitan Police Department headquarters in D.C. in September 2007. The seized guns are used for forensic research. (Jacquelyn Martin/The Associated Press)

Number of people killed with guns each day in the U.S.
Number of students exposed to gun violence at school since 1999
Funding goal for the National Collaborative on Gun Violence Research
Amount per year the government underfunds gun violence research, compared with other leading causes of death
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A new generation of gun research

We are proud to fund the National Collaborative on Gun Violence Research, which funds scientific research to help develop fair and effective gun policy.

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