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Questions and Answers on Our Pretrial Justice RFP

During a recent open call for RFPs see how budgets, subawards, and application types, among other issues, were addressed.

Last month, Arnold Ventures (AV) announced a new Request for Proposals (RFP) for pretrial justice research, which is focused specifically on three topic areas:

1Release decisions, with a focus on evaluating the impact of new release decision policies enacted in recent years, the effects of pretrial detention length on various individual and community, and system outcomes, and the relative costs of release decisions.

2Release conditions, with a focus on determining the impact of different release conditions, ascertaining the most effective release conditions, understanding how risk level and supervision intensity influence outcomes, establishing the most effective system responses to failure to appear/re-arrest, and evaluating the relative cost effectiveness of various release conditions.

3. Pretrial services, with a focus on identifying and evaluating the effectiveness of various models, ascertaining if specific models are more effective for certain populations, and investigating the outcomes of different supervision intensities and contact types.

      AV answered questions related to the RFP process during a Zoom call on June 1, 2023. See here for a transcript of the call, including the questions asked and answers provided by the AV team. 

      Applicants can find the Pretrial RFP here, including timelines, conditions, and instructions and are welcome to send any questions to PretrialRFP@​arnoldventures.​org.