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How Fines and Fees Burdens Impact Families’ Well-Being and Basic Needs

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Grant Recipient: Urban Institute

Principal Investigator(s): Aravind Boddupalli, Michael Karpman

Term: 2023 – 2024

Funding: $50,000

Summary: Fines, fees, and court costs can impose heavy burdens on those who come into contact with the criminal legal system. 

Using nationally representative data from the December 2023 Well-Being and Basic Needs Survey, the Urban Institute is examining the prevalence of fines and fees among households with adults ages 18 to 64, including the types of violations resulting in fines and fees, the populations impacted by race, income, and other demographic characteristics, the consequences of being unable to pay, and the prevalence of material hardships among those with fines and fees burdens. 

Their findings will contribute to the growing evidence base on the impacts of fines and fees on family well-being.