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Drug Pricing Reform Failure is Unacceptable

Kelli Rhee, president and CEO of Arnold Ventures, writes in The Hill that failure to implement prescription drug pricing reform now will be a political and policy failure on a historic scale.”

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The Biden administration this week dropped drug pricing from the proposed Build Back Better framework, a worrisome setback in the years-long fight to lower drug prices on behalf of the American people. 

President Biden needs to use every bit of his political skill, call in every favor, to get his pharmaceutical policies back into the BBB,” Rhee argues. The president ran for office touting his experience and ability to make Washington work again. The word of a Biden must not mean much if the White House can’t even pass this overwhelmingly popular package of drug pricing reforms, such as allowing Medicare to negotiate drug prices, setting inflationary caps on price increases in Medicare and the commercial sector, and capping out-of-pocket costs for men and women on Medicare.”

Read the full op-ed in The Hill: Without Drug Pricing Reform, BBB Will Stand For Biden’s Big Blunder