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Washington, D.C. (Apr. 9, 2024) - A new poll of voters shows strong public support for making investments in solving crimes and for the Violent Incident Clearance and Technological Investigative Methods (VICTIM) Act of 2024. The poll was conducted by Robert Blizzard (UpOne Insights) and Shannon Currie (BSG) and commissioned by Arnold Ventures. 

Research and evidence suggest that investing in law enforcement’s capacity to solve violent crime has a powerful effect on public safety. This bi-partisan national survey reveals that 78% of Americans believe that increasing funding for police and other law enforcement agencies to solve more crimes” will make them feel much safer. Moreover, Republicans (85% agree), independent voters (76% agree), and Democrats (67% agree) all believe more money should be invested in law enforcement to help solve more crimes.

Additional insights from the poll include:

  • 91% of respondents support increasing the percentage of crimes solved by the police.
  • 77% of respondents support shifting resources from other parts of the criminal justice system to increase the percentage of crimes solved by the police. 

While homicide rates are declining from their post-pandemic high, policymakers should do more to target violent crime and improve community safety,” says Kevin Ring, vice president of criminal justice advocacy at Arnold Ventures. Public safety is not a partisan issue. Loud voices on both extremes suggest there is an insurmountable divide, but the poll reveals broad bipartisan support for commonsense reforms that prevent and deter violent crime.”

The poll also shows overwhelming support for the bipartisan VICTIM Act, which was recently introduced in Congress by Senators Cory Booker (D‑NJ) and John Kennedy (R‑LA), as well as Representatives Don Bacon (R‑NE) and Dwight Evans (D‑PA). 87% of Americans support the VICTIM Act, including 86% of Republicans and 91% of Democrats. 

Americans are tired of killings and violent crimes going unpunished,” says Greg Newburn, director of criminal justice at the Niskanen Center. Voters across the ideological spectrum overwhelmingly support the VICTIM Act, and want Congress to act now.”

Read the summary of the poll here.

Read the full results here.

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