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Governor Newsom Endorses YES on Prop 25 to Replace Predatory Money Bail with a System Based on Public Safety

Sacramento, CA – California Governor Gavin Newsom today announced his support for a yes vote on Proposition 25, a ballot measure that — if passed — would enact SB 10, a law passed in 2018 that replaces the unfair money bail system with one that prioritizes public safety and justice for all. 

Under the current money bail system people who are arrested even for minor, non-violent offenses remain locked up and risk losing their jobs or even their homes if they can’t afford to pay a non-refundable fee to a bail bondsman — which costs an average of $5,000. Governor Newsom, urging the passage of Prop 25, highlighted the vote as an opportunity for Californians to be at the forefront of a national movement to root out discrimination in the justice system. 

For years, California has proudly led the way on fundamental civil rights and criminal justice reform but, as we’ve witnessed firsthand across our country, there’s more we must do to root out racial inequity and structural bias and to embrace proven reforms that work,” said Governor Newsom. This November, state voters will once again have the opportunity to make California a national leader in the unfinished fight for equity and justice.”

Senator Bob Hertzberg, who authored and passed SB 10, thanked the Governor for his support and condemned the bail industry for using its financial muscle to prop up a system that makes it a crime to be poor. Californians will not be swayed by a for-profit industry spending millions of dollars to protect a system of money bail that takes away peoples’ liberty just because they don’t have enough money in their pocket. The Governor’s steadfast support for Prop 25 sends a message to California and the rest of the nation that we are committed to taking bold action to protect the next generation from the jaws of injustice.”

Governor Newsom stood with us on Day 1 when we introduced our historic bail reform legislation. He has been a leader for common-sense reforms that focus on equity, fairness and public safety in our criminal justice system, all outcomes that Prop 25 achieves,” said Assemblymember Rob Bonta, joint-author of SB 10. No one should have their liberty taken and languish in jail simply because they can’t afford to post bail, which averages $50,0000 in California. Voting YES on Prop 25 this November will finally end a for-profit, private, predatory bail system that punishes poor people simply for being poor, and replace it with an objective assessment of each person’s individual risk that promotes greater justice and public safety.”

Governor Newsom joins the California Democratic Party, Legislative leadership, and more than a dozen newspapers throughout the state in urging Californians to vote yes on Proposition 25 this year.