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Policy Labs

Texas Capitol

Governments can unlock solutions to their most pressing social problems by sharing and studying data.

States are urgently looking for ways to solve social problems like homelessness and poverty. There is untapped data sitting on government computers that could help us understand how to get more students through college or break the cycle of incarceration, but policymakers and state agencies need resources to help them analyze the information. 

We launched Policy Labs to bridge this gap. The labs pair public officials with data analysts and social scientists to learn more about taxpayer needs and demand for state services. Some of the top researchers in the country are now working with government leaders to use advanced methods of data analysis and research to evaluate the impact of existing policies and develop new ideas about how to address pressing social issues.

Image: Photo by Eric Gay/The Associated Press

Number of data lab projects underway in six states and D.C.
Amount of funding committed for policy labs from Arnold Ventures
Amount reallocated to more effective programs as a result of data labs
Amount spent on social programs in policy lab states