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Infrastructure Work

We aim to bolster the U.S. capacity to build infrastructure faster, better, and at lower cost.

Trillions of dollars are projected to be spent on the infrastructure needed to build necessary housing stock, upgrade aging transportation systems, expand clean energy production and transmission, and more. However, we will need to strengthen U.S. capacity to build the infrastructure our society needs in a timely and cost-effective manner. Progress is often hampered by the very policies and regulations that were meant to help solve the challenges we face, requiring a revisitation of those rules as we attempt to decarbonize the economy, make housing more affordable, and expand transit options so everyone has access to opportunity.

Arnold Ventures seeks to address this challenge first by studying it and understanding its root causes, then by developing a thesis and evaluating the evidence to identify workable solutions, and finally to translate those solutions into meaningful public policy. As with many issues AV tackles, an emerging consensus on this topic points toward the potential for bipartisan solutions at the federal, state, and local levels.