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Fiscal Sustainability

A bird's eye view of city blocks in Chicago.

Government revenue and spending trends should align sufficiently to avoid unmanageable levels of debt.

The combination of irresponsible spending during times of prosperity, a Swiss cheese” tax base full of loopholes and special-interest windfalls, and political resistance to addressing the insolvency of critical federal entitlement programs puts a massive burden on future generations and inhibits our ability to respond to future crises.

We support efforts to educate lawmakers and their staffs on the essential steps we must take to get our nation back on the path to fiscal sustainability — a path that will necessarily involve difficult conversations regarding the size and structure of our spending and revenue systems.

Federal government spending in 2021 Source
Year the Social Security trust fund will become insolvent absent intervention Source
Federal government debt subject to limit Source
States that don’t have more than 100 days of funding in their rainy day funds in 2022 Source