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This series explores ways the new administration can solve pressing problems around the issues that matter now.

5 Ways to Put Criminal Justice on the Right Course in 2021

The Biden administration has the opportunity to build transparency, accountability, and human dignity into every level of our criminal justice system. Read the story >

5 Ways to Reform Health Care in 2021

With millions sickened by COVID-19 and a national economic slowdown damaging state budgets and household finances, health care affordability has become a central concern for families, employers and taxpayers. Read the story >

5 Ways to Support Economic Recovery in 2021

Here are five actions the Biden administration can take to chart a different course — one that accelerates the recovery and builds a more sustainable future. Read the story >

5 Ways to Put Higher Education on the Right Course in 2021

The Biden administration has the opportunity to protect students and ensure that schools deliver on their promises of a good education. Read the story >

4 Ways the Biden Administration Can Combat the Opioid Epidemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has only intensified the United States’ other health crisis, but there are steps that can be taken to save lives, optimize resources, and expand access to evidence-based, life-saving interventions. Read the story >

5 Ways to Move the Needle on Major U.S. Social Problems

The Biden administration has the opportunity to impact critical problems like education and poverty through social spending that incorporates rigorous evaluations to grow the number of exceptional interventions, along with incentives and support for states and localities to put them into widespread use. Read the story >

4 Ways to Expand Access to Contraception for Millions

Last month’s executive order to review the Title X family planning program, foreshadowing the restoration of a bedrock service that more than 4 million people depend on, is a step in the right direction — yet much more must be done to restore and expand contraceptive access. Read the story >