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A Nevada Reemployment Program Shows Promise

That’s good news for states dealing with record number unemployment claims.

Promising outcomes from a second large randomized control trial (RCT) of Nevada’s reemployment program provide a glimmer of hope for policymakers racing to stem the unemployment tide during the current pandemic-induced downturn, reports Straight Talk on Evidence. 

The state’s Reemployment and Eligibility Assessment (REA) program (with its modest price tag of $250 per individual) produced significant earnings gains for participants of roughly 15 percent over three years.

The Nevada program, which offers services such as counseling on unemployment insurance benefits, providing labor market information, developing a reemployment plan and resume and job search assistance, has also shown its merit as a cost effective program that could be implemented on a larger scale once our nation is able to turn attention to reemploying the millions of workers dislocated by the pandemic. That’s good news that could potentially improve the lives of millions of American workers.

The research was funded by Arnold Ventures. Read the full report from Straight Talk on Evidence.