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The New York Association of Pretrial Service Agencies (NYAPSA) is thrilled to announce the launch of its new website, which serves as a one-stop clearinghouse for pretrial practitioners and leaders statewide. The site now contains key resources and information for the field as well as opportunities to connect with NYAPSA leadership and other pretrial practitioners across New York to learn more about the 2020 bail reform legislation and pretrial service best practices reflected in the recently released New York State Pretrial Standards. This website was made possible with generous support from Arnold Ventures and in close partnership with the New York City Criminal Justice Agency to support and facilitate the implementation of bail reform legislation statewide. 

What is NYAPSA?

NYAPSA is a growing network of pretrial practitioners with decades of experiences in pretrial services in New York State, bringing together professionals, local and state leaders for conferences and convenings. Trainings and educational opportunities, and technical support offered through NYAPSA provide unique opportunities for adopting and cultivating skills to engage the growing number of clients that pretrial programs are supporting in their communities. 

What is New on The NYAPSA Website?

The new NYAPSA website offers several unique features. 

  • It contains a regularly updated database of pretrial research material from a variety of sources, including research institutions, government agencies, and non-profits. It also features a news page that curates stories at the local, state, and national level pertaining to developments in the field of pretrial justice, offering a centralized and easily searchable collection of research and news. 
  • The site provides a consolidated map featuring information and links on every pretrial agency in the state of New York. Users can access details about how pretrial is handled in any county in New York, find contact information for any agency, and compare the services that each one provides from one place. 
  • It offers an easy and convenient way to sign up for the NYAPSA conference and easily access material and presentations from past conferences.

Reflecting Back and Looking Ahead

The year 2020 has been a year of monumental change and challenge for the world. For New York’s pretrial services field, the passing of bail reform legislation and its subsequent amendments have provided an enormous opportunity, with the elimination of money bail and pretrial detention for nearly all misdemeanor and non-violent felony crimes. The role of pretrial services is now more important than ever with a growing number of people in their communities who must be supported and the dire public health risks of detention due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Black Lives Matter movement has amplified the historic and deeply rooted trauma and inequities experiences by Black and Brown communities, demanding awareness, acknowledgement, systemic change, and accountability across all aspects of society, including the criminal legal system. This national reckoning around issues of racial equity, fairness and justice makes it incumbent upon NYAPSA and our peers and partners at the local and state level to re-examine and improve our pretrial systems to ensure people of color affected by the arrest process and their families are treated with fairness and dignity.

Faced with a global pandemic and heightened calls for racial justice, counties are seeking guidance and partnership to move the work forward in fair, equitable and comprehensive ways. Given its long-standing footprint in the pretrial justice space, its strong relationship with state leaders, and its distinct role in connecting and serving all pretrial programs statewide, NYAPSA is uniquely situated to provide the support needed at this critical moment and looking ahead. 

NYAPSA enthusiastically is part of this critical time of change for New York and is grateful to its members and partners at the local, state and national level for continuing to champion efforts in the pretrial services field.