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Recipient Purpose Term Amount
American Civil Liberties Union Foundation, Inc. To help reduce the incarceration of indigent defendants detained solely because they are unable to pay court-imposed fines and fees. 2015 - 2019 $791,000
Drug Policy Alliance To provide general operating support. 2017 - 2018 $50,000
Justice System Partners To support the implementation of the Public Safety Assessment. 2014 - 2016 $1,337,430
National Conference of State Legislatures To update a database of existing laws and pending legislation on pretrial issues. 2014 - 2015 $78,210
Pretrial Justice Institute To develop an online database of news coverage related to pretrial reform. 2017 - 2019 $181,750
State of New Jersey Judiciary To support data collection efforts for evaluations of pretrial reforms in New Jersey. 2017 $262,416
The University of Chicago To develop and study a pre-booking police protocol that diverts narcotics-involved offenders in Chicago to treatment. 2016 - 2017 $199,367
Vera Institute of Justice, Inc. To reform the user-funded justice system in New Orleans, Louisiana. 2018 - 2020 $499,436
Behavioral Ideas Lab, Inc. To design a cognitive behavioral therapy curriculum to help reduce crime and violence. 2013 - 2014 $399,993
Georgetown University To support national reform of fines and fees practices through nonpartisan training, support, and public education. 2018 - 2020 $357,213
Louisville Jefferson County Metro Government and Office of the Commonwealth's Attorney To help reduce the amount of time it takes to process felony cases. 2014 - 2017 $339,750
New York University To fund a law enforcement convening. 2015 - 2016 $25,000
Research Foundation of the City University of New York To fund the Misdemeanor Justice Project. 2014 - 2016 $272,023
The Council of State Governments To develop a risk assessment tool for defendants charged with driving under the influence. 2014 - 2016 $29,841
University of Connecticut To study how expungement affects recidivism and employment. 2016 - 2018 Up To $74,096
The Board of Trustees of the Leland Stanford Junior University To support the Institute for Economic Policy Research in its efforts to conduct research competitions designed to strengthen the body of high-quality research related to social insurance programs, tax policy, state and local government finances, retirement, education, and crime. 2016 - 2019 Up To $904,365
Administrative Office of the Courts of the State of Kentucky - Division of Pretrial Services To conduct research on pretrial risk assessment, release, and supervision. 2012 $171,003
Code for America Labs, Inc. To enhance the pretrial criminal justice system in Louisville, Kentucky. 2013 - 2014 $300,000
International Association of Chiefs of Police, Inc. To conduct research on law enforcement's use of citations in lieu of arrest. 2014 - 2016 $311,974
National Association for Public Defense, Inc. To disseminate the findings of a study analyzing the workloads of Louisiana's public defenders and to pursue Sixth Amendment litigation. 2016 - 2021 Up To $239,508
Police Foundation To collect and analyze data regarding officer-involved shootings from major city police agencies. 2016 - 2019 $254,627
Research Triangle Institute To help establish a National Forensic Science Academy. 2016 - 2017 $249,266
The Regents of the University of California, Berkeley To research, develop, and disseminate online tools designed to reform the use of fines and fees in the juvenile justice system. 2017 - 2020 $1,642,799
Urban Institute To conduct research on police body-worn cameras. 2015 - 2017 $306,361
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