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Grants to Trustees of Boston University

Amount Purpose Term Source
$216,828 To develop and publish 20 evidence-based commentaries on healthcare topics. 2018 - 2022 LJAF
$276,591 To analyze data to study the effects and characteristics of the charter school sector in Newark, New Jersey. 2019 - 2021 LJAF
$30,000 To establish the K-12 Educational Research Fund in order to advance K-12 education-related research. 2016 LJAF
$398,247 To support substance use disoder policy research, education and technical assistance. 2021 - 2023 LJAF
$594,947 To develop a taxonomy of fraud, waste, and abuse indicators that can be used to identify potentially fraudulent substance use disorder treatment providers. 2018 - 2021 LJAF
$301,364 To support research in order to better understand the impact of government investment in small biotech companies and later stage drug development on the prescription drug market in the United States. 2021 - 2024 LJAF
$195,528 To analyze the relationship between prices, regulations, and investments in prescription drugs. 2018 - 2022 LJAF
$196,555 To support research on the strengths and limitations of the national State Health Insurance Assistance Program (SHIP). 2022 - 2024 LJAF


Arnold Ventures funds projects to understand problems and identify policy solutions.