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Grants to Drexel University

Amount Purpose Term Source
$50,000 To support the hiring of a staff member to assist with an overdose prevention site evaluation. 2019 DAF
$67,993 To conduct a rigorous evaluation of Safehouse Kensington and Safehouse South Philadelphia. 2020 - 2021 LJAF
$1,026,815 To support a randomized controlled trial to evaluate the impact of offering federal Pell Grants to incarcerated adults interested in pursuing postsecondary education. 2018 - 2024 LJAF
$496,087 To support a randomized controlled trial of Contextos Authors Circle, a jail-based memoir-writing program. 2021 - 2029 LJAF
$35,000 To support the Center for Public Policy and its efforts to advance evidence-based policy. 2022 DAF
$499,153 To support a randomized controlled trial to evaluate the Project SCOPE (Safety, Cleaning, Ownership, Partnerships and Engagement) program by the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transit Authority's Police Department. 2022 - 2025 LJAF
$68,242 To research best practices concerning vaccine dissemination in correctional settings. 2021 - 2023 LJAF
$163,625 To support the potential adaptation of the Scandinavian correctional approaches in a Pennsylvania prison. 2019 - 2022 LJAF
$976,390 To conduct a randomized controlled trial to assess if changes in correctional practices and physical environment are associated with prison misconduct and recidivism. 2020 - 2027 LJAF
$1,516,111 To understand the impact of fines and fees or alternative policies on individuals in the criminal justice system. 2022 - 2027 LJAF


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