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Rasulan Inayat-Khan

Criminal Justice Analyst

Headshot of Rasulan Inayat-Khan
Todd Spoth

Rasulan is the criminal justice analyst on the Pretrial team at Arnold Ventures. Her focuses include strategy development, the streamlining of organizational processes, and research.

Before joining Arnold Ventures, Rasulan was a lead teacher at a charter school in the Bronx. She taught her middle school class all of their core courses, including literature, science, math, social studies, and ELA. In developing curricula for these courses, she focused on promoting racial equity and creating an accurate and unbiased historical framework for her students’ studies.

Prior to her time teaching, Rasulan worked as a corporate services consultant at the San Francisco-based corporate social responsibility firm UniversalGiving. She managed numerous grants for the organization, including many for international grantees. In a previous role at the same company, she was responsible for conducting research on corporate services expansion, improved business modeling, and product development. She served as the first point of contact and face of UniversalGiving in various partnership negotiations.

Rasulan holds a bachelor’s degree from Duke University in both public policy and international comparative studies with a specialization in the Middle East, as well as a minor in French.

Headshot of Rasulan Inayat-Khan
Todd Spoth
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Criminal Justice

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